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What is IoT Edge Computing ?

In today’s day and age, the prevalence of the cloud system can easily be seen. These platforms have been frequently used for a number of purposes in order to suit the needs of the user. These positive impacts have ranged from qualities such as offering an extensive amount of storage space to providing high computational capacities that ensure the efficiency of the programs. Although these have clearly had an exceptional benefit on those involved with the manufacturing and development of the Internet of Things, edge computing is taking these benefits to a whole new level. Edge computing enhances overall operations with elevated storage, data transmission, and computation possibilities. Edge computing is basically computing that is done at or near the data source. Where traditional cloud systems relied on offsite data centers, this new form of computing puts you at the center. Because of this, a world of potential is unlocked, such as:

  • Optimized bandwidth that contributes to a more efficient control of traffic flow
  • Aggregating and preprocessing trivial pockets that allow for a substantial reduction in network overhead
  • Decreased latency due to the proximity of the storage and data centers
  • Preservation of energy capabilities due to a specific focus on reducing the unneeded waste of resources


Whether you operate on premise or the cloud, we offer efficient streaming analytics and integration software that has been specifically designed and developed by our team of experts. These platforms, which are especially optimal for Enterprise customers of differing applications and industries, are able to produce a number of benefits. The benefits resulting include data transformation, analytics, automation, integration, along with an array of others. These solutions have been developed with the purpose of improved innovation for teams without the assistance of professional developers in mind. It assists in combating complex issues with simple solutions.

Our Edge Computing Suite

At 3rdEye Technik, the foundation of our company is built upon the consistent development of innovative solutions that fulfill the needs of those within the industry. Our solutions are unlike anyone else’s due to the sheer amount of dedication and technical skill that is infused into each and every option. These impeccable mediums are the tools needed to propel yourself over any boundaries that may stand in your way to success.

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