About Us

Our story began in München Deutschland, when a couple software engineers came together to develop a revolutionary form of software that could probe a device from anywhere with the utmost simplicity. As they perfected the final system that we implement for our clients today, they began to see the infinite number of possibilities that this new design could open up for the world. Today, we are dedicated to continuing the expansion of these capabilities by a network of things that is far and beyond anything that has been previously offered within the industry.

OUR Solutions

At 3rdEye Technik, the foundation of our company is built upon the consistent development of innovative solutions that fulfill the needs of those within the industry. Our solutions are unlike anyone else’s due to the sheer amount of dedication and technical skill that is infused into each and every option. These impeccable mediums are the tools needed to propel yourself over any boundaries that may stand in your way to success.

Selected use-case for Edge Computing

  1. Industrial IoT
  2. Industry 4.0 
  3. Enterprise integration  
  4. Streaming analytics
  5. General edge IoT
  6. Predictive Maintenance 
  7. Connected Machines
  8. Anomaly Detection



We begin with the realization of the system or idea in order to determine the feasibility of the project or work to verify if the initial vision is actually able to be accomplished.


After the platform has actually been designed and developed we implement it as part of the client’s operations so that it can function properly



Next we start grasping the needs of our clients by taking into account what they need for the final product and what specific features they’d like included.

Maintenance/On the air update

To ensure that the technology is performing up to a high standard, we perform modifications that enhance its abilities over time and update any outdated features


We are Young, Energetic & Dynamic Team of professionals. Together we speak 14 languages & carries more then 30+ yrs of Technology experience.

Our team is comprised of a number of passionate individuals who have a mindset rooted in creativity and innovation. With over thirty years of experience within the technology industry, we have the knowledge and resources necessary to truly impact our clients positively. Everything we do is based upon a foundation of collaboration as well as dedication. We infuse these values into all of our work which results in a distinct difference that can immediately be seen by those that we work with. We truly enjoy working with one another and find inspiration in being able to change society while doing what we love.