IoT Edge Platform "Marble"

Marble is an IoT Edge platform that is working towards transforming the future of these technological systems and processes. The development provides a multitude of benefits to the user that offers a unique advantage over the existing options today.

The architecture of the platform allows for a connection to a span of different sources that include sensors, agents, and actuators. These work to manage the connectivity of the overall system in a manner that relates to the security of the interface, the administration, the sending of alerts, the management of devices, and many more. It is also able to analyze its counter features while finally coming to a process that effectively works to monetize aspects of the system.

This is all done in a fashion that mitigates latency, optimizes security, increases autonomy, decreases resources needed for bandwidth, and enhance interoperability all because of its ability to function in any location on Earth.

Mini & Edge Hardware

The MiniEdge has been specifically designed to optimize efficiency and effectiveness for the user while being presented in a form that is more accessible due to its price. This is a fully proprietary product that has a number of features that include built-in GPS location sensor, iSim and SIM-based connectivity, 5G modem certified for use within the EU, and an NB IoT module. It is perfect for those within the ground field market who are looking for an out of the box configurable platform that is capable of connecting to any 3rd party cloud.

The original Edge platform has been developed by our team using processes that have ensured the functionality and reliability of the system as a whole. It is a fully featured platform that has analytics already built into the system. This model, which has established itself as the leading model, provides quicker real-time model training that is perfect for on cloud platform usage.

IoT Edge Designer "Jarvis"

Jarvis is the future of what IoT edge designer systems can be for users. This professional workbench makes the development and design of IoT systems a simple process without the need for a depth of knowledge or experience. The drag and drop functionality of the system provides an uncomplicated convenience that enhances user-friendliness and contributes to the overall goal of simplicity.

It provides both design verification and design model generation so that the vision held by the user can be quickly and efficiently transformed into a real design that has been custom designed to fit their own needs and desires. In addition to this, the system is able to easily integrate into usual business processes along with Blockchain so that interaction in regards to cross designing can easily be accomplished.

IoT Mobile Edge Gateway "Ajna"

Ajna is a revolutionary new platform that will allow for a variety of new, exciting opportunities to be offered to users around the world. This innovative platform allows for all of the benefits of our extraordinary Edge computing system to be available digitally on handheld devices.

Because of this unique feature, the services generally offered skyrocket in terms of convenience which allows for more efficient operations to be carried out. The app is a fully featured edge app which includes built-in analytical amenities that can be taken advantage of. In this form, it has been simplified even further to expand the potential for those who may not be well versed in operating systems such as this. There are multiple triggers, inputs, and outputs that create a fully functional service that is able to target a variety of needs. Along with this comes an included dashboard that aids users in gaining a clear visualization of the final result.