Welcome To Download

Our IoT Edge Platform is Now available to Download for Raspberry PI Hardware. Premium & Freemium version is available for Download Comparative Difference you can see in the Feature Table below.

Platform is Download and Use based, If you face any problem after Download Please contact 3rdEye in 


Premium Version

Premium Version IoT Edge Platform is available in Platform Independent binaries, It can be Downloaded and Ready to use on any Hardware.

Downloaded client is based on Java script and HTML5 front end it allows user to Download the Platform and use it.

Premium version provides full connectivity, Multiple sensor, secure communication and cloud connectivity.Please write an email to us if you want to use Premium IoT Platform.

Freemium Version

Freemium Version IoT Edge Platform is available for Raspberry PI Hardware, It can be Downloaded and Ready to use on RPI Hardware.

Freemium version is based on Docker and usable using Node-js interface it can connect to BLE profile for different Bluetooth sensor options.

Freemium version provides Limited connectivity, Single sensor, Unsecure communication and Limited cloud connectivity.